About us

We believe that kitchen is the heart of every home. For us it is the place where family comes together to cook some delicious food, experiment and improvise with new recipes and make the ones already known by heart.

 Kitchen is the place where you take your first sip of coffee in the morning and enjoy your guilty pleasure midnight snack. Even your dog loves to be there and leaves the biggest drool puddles right by your side. 

It is a well known fact, that every family gathering and party with friends somehow ends up in the kitchen, with the most heartwarming conversations and obnoxious laughs. As most of the best ideas and joyful moments truly happen in the kitchen, the idea about our own Culina shop was born there as well. 

 We trust that food is not only good for your mood, but overall healthiness and happiness. What you make your food from is the basics of your own wellbeing so we introduce you to our shop, where you will find not only excellent quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils, but some of our kitchen favorites as well. Because in ingredients we trust.

Life happens in kitchen. Grab your apron and spatula, gather your family and lets make something delicious together - welcome to the Culina, from our family to yours!