To clear the confusion about Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is all we need to dispel much of the confusion and set people on the right path:

  • Extra virgin olive oil is one of the healthiest foods on earth. 
  • While other so-called superfoods come and go, extra virgin olive oil has been on the list since day one. It's benefits to our health are beyond dispute.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is simple, and it should not be complicated, by definition, EVOO is unrefined, made from nothing but the juice of an olive and nothing more.
  • By definition, Extra virgin olive oil is made without excessive heat (which causes defects), so marketing terms like "cold-pressed" have no meaning.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is always made from the first extraction, so "first press" is meaningless, too.
  • Extra virgin means it has no defects in aroma or taste.
  • Like lot of things, it's best when it's fresh.
  • Its quality decreases through exposure to air, light, heat and time.
  • Bitterness is an indication of quality.


To wrap it up - don't get caught in the marketing tricks that sound like "cold pressed" and "first press", buy the ones that state the fact they are Extra Virgin Olive Oil and dare to try different oils with different taste notes and allow yourself to go on a journey in the world of oils.