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Snocciolato Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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    Currently, this oil is rising as a ‘star’. It involves the pressing of the olive pulp whereby the olive pit is removed before pressing. Favoring new developments in olive oil production, the pressing process makes this oil stand out. The brothers Francesco and Alberto Giachi have decided to produce this oil coming from the typical cultivars in the Chianti area.

    Why Olive Oil Is The Best Choice?

    • High in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, the ones that are actually good.
    • Full of antioxidants with powerful anti-inflammatory effects.
    • Produced, in thoughts of nature - environment friendly.
    • Excellent for frying.
    • Bottle with elegant design, to enhance your table setting.
    • A great idea for a healthy gift, to whom you care the most.

    Origin: Tuscany, Chianti, Italy

    Olive varieties: Frantoio, Moraiolo

    Harvest: 2020

    Why We Love Extra Virgin Olive Oil So Much?

    • mortar It's so beneficial, it should be used daily.”,”It’s 100% natural juice of olives, no chemicals or any preservatives obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means
    • mortar It's plays a big role in the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet.
    • mortar Farm-To-Table concept product, carefully selected and coming straight from the farm.”.


    Passion in the right word to describe this family-owned and operated olive farm, where everyone in any age is involved in the process of their marvelous product, as it is their family tradition. Of all the olive oils of Italy, Tuscany produces some of the best and most coveted extra virgin olive oil. Polyphenols are chemical compounds naturally found in plants, which contribute to olive oil health benefits. Due to the high polyphenol level in Tuscan olives from Italy, their olive oils often taste peppery, pungent, and grassier than Spanish or French olive oils.

    Smakbeskrivning & Matkombinationer

    Imagine the taste is fine and embracing, with hints of black pepper, almond and a fresh walnut finish. It is bitter, piquant, and well-balanced. It's decisive and complex aroma is endowed with rich vegetal tones of freshly cut grass, artichoke, celery, lettuce and herbs such as rosemary and mint in particular. Ideal on vegetable salads,  tuna carpaccio, swordfish marinade, first courses of wild game, grilled fish, red meat roasts, and aged cheeses like parmesan and pecorino.

    Nutrition Facts

    Average values for 100 ml of product

    Energi KJ 3389 KCAL 824
    Fett 91,6g
    varav Mättat fett 14,1g
    Kolhydrater 0g varav

    Socker 0g

    Protein 0g

    Salt 0g
    Låg syrahalt <0.2% - Syrahalten (mängden fria fettsyror) får inte överstiga 0,8%, Extra Jungfru Olivoljor som innehåller mindre än 0,3% fria fettsyror, är av högsta kvalitet med högsta produktionsstandard.
    Ingredienser: 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Varje oliv har noggrant plockats och valts ut, producerats och tappats i en mörk glasflaska med droppfritt lock av Giachi Giovanni s.r.l.
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