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Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Rosati Fruttato

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    At the end of the season, we hand-pick each variety of olives separately and decide which ones have the characteristics to be included in our mix. "Rosati Fruttato Italian olive oil is a mixture of different varieties with their own intense flavor tones."

    Why is olive oil the best choice?

    Rich in monounsaturated fat - the fat that is actually good and healthy for the heart.
    Rich in antioxidants with powerful anti-inflammatory effect.
    The production of the oil is environmentally friendly.
    Great for frying.
    Olive oil in a nice bottle with an elegant design that contributes to a beautiful table setting.
    The perfect and at the same time useful gift to give to loved ones

      Origin: Puglia, Italy

      Olives: Coratina, Cima di Melfi, Frantoio, Pecholine

      Harvest: 2021

      Why We Love Extra Virgin Olive Oil So Much?

      • mortar It's so beneficial, it should be used daily.
      • mortar It's 100% natural juice of olives, no chemicals or any preservatives obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means
      • mortar It's plays a big role in the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet.
      • mortar Farm-To-Table concept product, carefully selected and coming straight from the farm.”.


      Puglia has the best geoclimate for olive trees: karst area, two seas, Ionian and Adriatic seas, land rich in iron, no rain in summer. Tenuta Foggiali is a 12-hectare farm with 3,000 trees, founded in 1895 and has an established tradition of excellence in organic farming. Our monumental olive trees have been growing for centuries on the famous red clay soil in the heart of Puglia, at an altitude of 150 meters above sea level, yet close to the Adriatic coast under ideal climatic conditions. Each of our trees tells its life story through its crumpled and twisted trunk, showing us that it makes a full rotation on its shoulder every 100 years and tells us that the more crooked and twisted its trunk, the more fruit it bears . The average age of our trees is estimated at 700 to 900 years. Today we admire and treat you with great respect and gratitude. Our extra virgin olive oil ROSATI for gourmet, which is obtained exclusively from our trees, is available in different varieties depending on the type of olive, time and method of harvest. Each of them is ideal for satisfying the taste needs of all culinary creations. The continuous care of our plantation as well as the natural process of collection and storage in containers made of shiny, oxygen-free impermeable zinc is the basis and guarantee for the highest quality and outstanding freshness and aroma.

      Smakbeskrivning & Matkombinationer

      This Cùvee of fruity olive varieties, such as Coratina, Cima di Melfi, Frantoio, Leccino, Picholine is the closest one can get to freshly squeezed olive juice. Intense, robust, with a peppery kick and green grassy flavors, this olive oil is the perfect finish to bruschetta, chickpea soup, grilled meat such as lamb chops or steak, stews, aged cheese, and dip with bread.

      Nutrition Facts

      Average values for 100 ml of product

      Energy KJ 3389 KCAL 824
      Fat 92g
      Of which Saturated fat 14g
      Carbohydrates 0g of which

      Sugar 0g

      Protein 0g

      Salt 0g
      Low acid content <0.1% - The acid content (amount of free fatty acids) must not exceed 0 , 8%, Extra Virgin Olive Oils, which contain less than 0.3% free fatty acids, are of the highest quality with the highest production standard.
      Ingredients: 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
      Each olive has been carefully picked and selected, produced and poured into a dark glass bottle with a drip-free lid by Tenuta Foggiali.
      The oil should be stored dark, cool, low in oxygen and separated from other strong odors.
      Best before: See the bottle