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Le Due Baie Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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    The origins of the Bo oil mill date back to 1867. They are proud Farm-To-Table producers, and already for five generations, this family has been dedicated to the transformation of olives into oil.With a unique combination of sea and hills, it is possible to produce real delicate and fragrant extra virgin olive oil. The “Le Due Baie” extra virgin olive oil is produced right at the beginning of the olive harvest season when the fruit is not yet fully ripe. The oil is very delicate, with a unique aftertaste of artichoke and herbaceous notes.

    Why Olive Oil Is The Best Choice?

    • High in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, the ones that are actually good.
    • Full of antioxidants with powerful anti-inflammatory effects.
    • Produced, in thoughts of nature - environment friendly.
    • Excellent for frying.
    • Bottle with elegant design, to enhance your table setting.
    • A great idea for a healthy gift, to whom you care the most.

    Origin: Western Liguria, Italy

    Olive varieties: Lavagnina, Razzola, Pignola

    Harvest: 2020/2021

    Why We Love Extra Virgin Olive Oil So Much?

    • mortar It's so beneficial, it should be used daily.”,”It’s 100% natural juice of olives, no chemicals or any preservatives obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means
    • mortar It's plays a big role in the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet.
    • mortar Farm-To-Table concept product, carefully selected and coming straight from the farm.”.


    Since ancient times, when the Benedictine monks took part in the first planting and carved the hills into green terraces sustained by the dry stonewalls, olive trees have found fertile land. It has a unique nature's combinatio of sea and hills that characterize the scenery of the Ligurian Riviera. The sea and the salt impregnates the wood of the olive tree with salty notes that are typical of the extra virgin olive oil of this area. That territory is for sure one-of-a-kind.

    Smakbeskrivning & Matkombinationer

    With its golden yellow and green reflections, this oil has clean and fresh aromas to the nose, clear herbaceous tones, and an evident connotation of artichoke, with final hints of tomato and apple. It is a light fruity oil, which opens on the palette to harmonious notes of sweetness, bitter, and spicy. The taste of freshly cut grass and almonds can also be perceived.This oil is suitable for multiple uses. It is excellent on raw and delicate dishes, such as salads, steamed vegetables or crudités, but also on fish-based dishes, grilled meat, and legume soups. It can be used to make certain types of desserts as it effectively replaces butter or seed oil.

    Nutrition Facts

    Average values for 100 ml of product

    Energy KJ 3762 KCAL 899
    Fats 99,9g
    Saturated fatty acids 14,4g
    Carbohydrates 0g of which

    Sugar 0g

    Protein 0g

    Salt 0g
    Low acidity <0.2%, acidity level must be less than or equal to 0,8%, olive oils contain less than 0.3% free fatty acids, are premium quality with the highest production standards.
    Ingredients: 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Bottle with drip-free cap, Produced and bottled by Frantoio Bo di Carlo Bo & C. snc.
    Store away from light, air, heat sources, and intense odor.
    Best before: See bottle